Since the start, we at Perfect Day have kept our eyes open for profiles that stand out from the crowd. This has resulted in around twenty fantastic premium podcasts, each with its own tone, expression and target audience. Among these are the two largest commercial podcasts in Sweden – “Alex and Sigge”, which is now in its eleventh year, and “Ursäkta”, which started as late as 2020.

With us, creators are offered a platform where they can be completely free in their creativity, while we help set up frameworks for the content and take care of business development and ad sales. In addition, we place great emphasis on creating a safe and familiar context. Våra poddare är våra stora stjärnor.

Two friends. A microphone. All the things we don't dare say to our partners. Pascal and Johannes is a podcast about relationships, media gossip and Johannes' constantly faltering mental health. New episode every Thursday.

Regelboken is the podcast where Malte Gårdinger, Nonni Ardal and Bob Mattsson create a set of rules to live by. Light-hearted, serious, festive and everyday.

Det skaver omslag

Det skaver is the podcast about life after 30 and how nothing turned out the way it was supposed to be with Cassandra Klatzkow, Elsa Ekman and Nadia Kandil.

Sports journalists Erik Niva and media strategist Håkan Andersson take on the world's history through legendary football clubs and seasons.

A podcast with Jennie Hammar Schmitz in collaboration with Stronger

Alex Schulman and Sigge Eklund's podcast which is published once a week.

ursäkta podden edvin törnblom

The comedians Johanna Nordström and Edvin Törnblom tell unfiltered stories about crazy weekends, tours, TV appearances and love troubles.

TV host and influencer Hanapee and her best friend Nea in an intimate, inviting, and fun conversation in the podcast Surret.

The comedians Bianca Meyer and Jonatan Unge honestly and brutally answer listeners' questions about love in the podcast Unge Meyers Lidande.

Journalist Emil Persson challenges beloved public figures

Follow Perfect Days founder Hannah Lindh Widell and Amanda Schulman through life in a fun, honest, and intimate conversation.

A personal trend scouting podcast with interior and food inspirations Elsa Billgren and Sofia Wood.

Musical artist Hanna Hedlund and makeup artist Jessica Wahlgren talk about the challenges and adventures of life.

Jessica Ekström and Sebastian Hammarberg in a podcast and unfiltered conversation about the ups and downs of life.

Sweden's best food writers meet in a conversation one ingredient at a time and talk about their own experiences, successes and failures, from sowing to harvest.

Amie Bramme Sey and Fanna Ndow Norrby in a podcast about relationships, love, and the ever-changing pursuit of happiness!

TV host Kristin Kaspersen interviews both known and unknown people.

Four podcasts about the big things in life, all in one stream.

Journalist Jennie Hammar and best friend Johanna Norén share their thoughts on family life, career, trend spotting and lots of other things. From Los Angeles to Stockholm.

primevideo talks

Prime Video Talks by Alex & Sigge invites a well-known guest every week to discuss a great TV series or movie and draw parallels to their own lives.

A podcast with TV producer and former chef Nichlas Niemi and actor Erik "Jerka" Johansson.

The twin sisters Elin and Ida Kjos are discussing parenting, beauty, health, and how it is to take totally different paths in life.

Forward-looking conversations and reflections in a podcast with the inspirational hosts Frida Lund, Sofia Wood and Therese Krupa.

Simon chippen Svensson, Jonatan Fuckup Unge and K. Bosman Svensson all part of Della Sport. Sweden's only dedicated humor podcast for those who love sports, hate sports, and for those who don't really care about sports.

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