Podcast advertising

Podcast as a format has just been around for a little more than a decade. However, it is already the media channel that strengthens brands the most. For most leading advertisers today it is no longer a question of if, but rather to what extent podcast advertising will take place in the media mix.

The average listener invests hours into their favorite podcast every week, year after year. This results in a uniquely strong bond between the podcaster and the listener – and that is where your brand can find its place. During listening to a favorite podcast, the listener is often focused and receptive to what is said. In many cases, this has led to independent communities where listeners discuss podcast episodes with each other – including the ads. Podcast advertising is therefore a very efficient way to reach and engage your audience.


Between 2020 and 2021, the number of Swedish podcasts increased by 89%. This makes podcast the fastest-growing media category of all.

Focused listening

Today, half of the population between 18 and 89 listen to podcasts monthly. 75% of the listeners want to learn something new.

Conversation starter

40% of those who listen to podcasts discuss the content with others. That means the content is often being spread to a higher extent than the listening numbers indicate.

Advertise at Perfect Day

Since 2011, Perfect Day has worked on finding characters and matching them with interesting themes, narratives, and stories. All our podcasts are led by talented creatives who constantly move and challenge listeners with creative content. This also includes commercial content. We know how advertisements should be packaged to encourage true engagement.

Nowadays, the most creative ideas not only come from advertising agencies, they often come from the podcast creatives themselves. That is actually not strange at all. They know their target groups in and out. Due to this, Perfect Day focuses on advertising that is created, produced, and performed by the podcast creators themselves.

Compared to other media channels, this is a time and cost-efficient way for advertisers to reach the right target groups in a personal manner. You get a creative concept, production, and distribution tailored for the target group – all in one.

We always strive to be as relevant as possible in our advertising. To follow our target groups’ we constantly measure and analyze listening behavior. After a decade of creating successful podcast concepts, we can promise our customers that we deliver creative and on-point campaigns – from beginning to end.

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