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TV host and influencer Hanapee and her best friend Nea in an intimate, inviting, and fun conversation in the podcast Surret.

Two friends. A microphone. All the things we don't dare say to our partners. Pascal and Johannes is a podcast about relationships, media gossip and Johannes' constantly faltering mental health. New episode every Thursday.

Det skaver omslag

Det skaver is the podcast about life after 30 and how nothing turned out the way it was supposed to be with Cassandra Klatzkow, Elsa Ekman and Nadia Kandil.

ursäkta podden edvin törnblom

The comedians Johanna Nordström and Edvin Törnblom tell unfiltered stories about crazy weekends, tours, TV appearances and love troubles.

Alex Schulman and Sigge Eklund's podcast which is published once a week.

Follow Perfect Days founder Hannah Lindh Widell and Amanda Schulman through life in a fun, honest, and intimate conversation.

Amie Bramme Sey and Fanna Ndow Norrby in a podcast about relationships, love, and the ever-changing pursuit of happiness!

Regelboken is the podcast where Malte Gårdinger, Nonni Ardal and Bob Mattsson create a set of rules to live by. Light-hearted, serious, festive and everyday.

Journalist Emil Persson challenges beloved public figures

Sports journalists Erik Niva and media strategist Håkan Andersson take on the world's history through legendary football clubs and seasons.

A podcast with TV producer and former chef Nichlas Niemi and actor Erik "Jerka" Johansson.

TV host Kristin Kaspersen interviews both known and unknown people.

Sweden's best food writers meet in a conversation one ingredient at a time and talk about their own experiences, successes and failures, from sowing to harvest.

Sweden loves podcasts

It has only been a little over a decade since the podcast format took its first staggered steps in the Swedish media landscape. Today, half of all people between 18 and 89 listen to podcasts at least once a month. Present in the ears on the way to work, during the jog or the evening routine, the podcast comes as close to the listener as possible. Literally.

Advertise in Podcast

The podcast is the media channel that strengthens brands the most. Therefore, for most companies, it is no longer a question of, but how podcast advertising should be portioned out in the marketing budget.

We know content

Perfect Day focuses on advertising created, produced and performed by the creators themselves. Here you get both a creative concept, production and distribution adapted to the target group.

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