We are launching a new advertising product – “Ads”

12 April 2023

We at Perfect Day Media are launching a new product for the advertising market in Ads. It gives advertisers a unique opportunity to buy advertising space at CPM (cost per mille) with demographic control in Perfect Day’s network among some of Sweden’s largest and most popular premium podcasts.

Perfect Day Media has long represented the largest commercial podcasts in Sweden with titles such as Alex & Sigge’s podcast, Ursäkta, Fredagspodden and When we were Kings. During the fall of 2022, the company presented its new Head of Perfect Day in Hannah Widell, founder of the company, and at the turn of the year, Ömer Toll was appointed as Head of Operations and Karolina Sandberg as Head of Sales & Business Development.

Now the company broadens its portfolio by offering a new product in Ads, which enables advertisers to better control everything from selection, platform and demographic choices such as target group, interest, frequency etc. Previously, we at the company have only worked with editorial advertising, which is a 60-90 second talk, sponsored by your brand, read by the podcast profiles themselves.

– We have long been very confident in our profile-driven advertising business and placed great emphasis on pushing the creative boundaries, which is made possible when the podcast profiles themselves create and read advertising messages that entertain and interest their target group, says Karolina Sandberg, Head of Sales & Business development.

– Now the timing was right to broaden our offer and meet the market’s demand with a competitive offer where we can combine our strong reach with a premium environment of handpicked podcasts run by Sweden’s most popular podcast profiles, continues Karolina Sandberg.

Perfect Day Media launches Ads in April 2023 and will exclusively sell and manage the new campaigns within the company.

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