Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker launch podcast

03 April 2023

Perfect Day Media presents Pascal & Johannes – a podcast by the authors and friends Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker. The podcast covers everything from relationships, media gossip to faltering mental health. Pascal & Johannes premiered on March 23.

Perfect Day Media continues to attract Sweden’s top and most up-to-date profiles. The latest to connect are Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker through the podcast Pascal & Johannes.

Pascal and Johannes now need no further introduction. Their joint debut “In memory of a murderer”, which takes place during the scorching WC summer of 1994, has sold over 100,000 copies and was also recently released as Paperback of the Month. Ten countries have so far acquired the rights to release the thriller. In addition, the duo’s book series “Skymningsland” will be developed as a television series.

In the Pascal & Johannes podcast listeners can expect to hear candid conversations and gain unique perspectives on a wide range of topics.

– As authors who write books together, we bring a lot of experiences to the podcast and we will talk about everything from relationships, faltering mental health and media gossip. We are also parents of young children who are close in age, which we hope can provide perspective on today’s parenting. It’s incredibly exciting to step outside our comfort zone, the written word, and step into the world of podcasts, says Pascal Engman.

Perfect Day Media currently houses around twenty premium podcasts. Among these are the two largest commercial podcasts in Sweden – Alex and Sigge and Ursäkta.

– We are so proud of the fact that we continue to attract the most relevant and current profiles to us at Perfect Day Media. Johannes and Pascal are excellent proof of that. With their combined experiences, Johannes and Pascal deliver engaging and insightful conversations, resulting in an absolutely fantastic podcast we believe in very much. We have seen from previous successes that good and prepared storytelling is a recipe for success, says Hannah Widell, Head of Perfect Day.





The premiere episode of Pascal & Johannes was released on March 23. New episodes every Thursday.

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