Sweden’s Best Food Writers in a New Podcast

27 September 2022

Perfect Day presents Jordkommissionen – a gardening podcast for beginners, enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants to eat and cook better food. Writers Lotta Lundgren and Tove Nilsson meet in conversations over one ingredient at a time, talking about their own experiences, successes, and failures, from sowing to harvesting. Jordkommissionen is the first Swedish podcast that has an equal focus on gardening and cooking.

What can you grow, how do you do it and what should you do with what you have grown? Swedes interest in gardening is strong and has had a steady increase in recent years, especially during the pandemic when it has increased even further. In 2021, Swedes bought gardening and gardening products for more than 12.7 billion kronor*. At the same time, food prices have risen sharply and the trend shows that more and more Swedes want to become more selfsufficient by growing more themselves.

Now, Lotta Lundgren and Tove Nilsson are releasing the podcast Jordkommissionen about growing edible and cooking with homegrown.

Last year, more and more people started to contact us with questions about how to do it, what to grow and which varieties of this and that are best. Six months later, they come back and wonder what to do with all the tomatoes, zucchinis and cabbages. Growing food is quite tricky in itself, but many actually have even bigger problems with making something interesting out of their harvest, says Lotta Lundgren.

  • Something happened during the pandemic. People who had never touched a shovel started gardening and those of us who had been gardening for a while stepped up our game. I then discovered a gap there was no podcast that took gardening and cooking as seriously. Strange. After all, half the point of gardening is to be able to eat tastier and more interesting food, says Tove Nilsson.

In Jordkomissionen, Lotta Lundgren and Tove Nilsson meet in enthusiasm and despair over garlic and leafy greens, killer snails and stinging nettles, tomato sauce and black cabbage curry, chicory and gold water. The episodes are around an hour long, focusing on one raw material at a time and released every Thursday.

About the profiles: Lotta Lundgren grows a large garden in the windswept archipelago of Sörmland, has two greenhouses, the driest soil in Sweden and is selfsufficient in root vegetables. She supports herself as a food writer, sommelier and presenter, and is studying to become a biodynamic gardener.

Tove Nilsson grows quite a lot in her garden beyond all reasonable limits on her rural property in sunny Skåne. She works as a food writer, food stylist, sommelier and TV chef, has written five cookbooks and has a secret fanbase of German ramen nerds.

*Source: Handelsfakta, 2022.

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