Perfect Day Media launch podcast with Prime Video

28 November 2022

Prime Video has long been one of the biggest players in the international streaming market. Now they are making a big splash in Sweden and teaming up with the leading podcast company Perfect Day Media with giants Alex and Sigge at the helm. Together they launch Prime Video Talks by Alex & Sigge – a podcast that will elevate content and news from the streaming service and let listeners dive deep into both new and established series, films and popular culture. The premiere of the first season is on November 30th.

primevideo talks

With podcast successes like Ursäkta, Fredagspodden, When We Were Kings and Alex & Sigge’s podcast under its umbrella, Perfect Day Media is one of Sweden’s leading podcast companies. The expertise lies in creative content creation and development of premium podcasts. Now Perfect Day Media teams up with Prime Video and together launches Prime Video Talks, a podcast led by Sweden’s biggest podcast duo Alex Schulman and Sigge Eklund.

– TV series and movies are topics of conversation that engage and bring people together. Therefore, the discussion around them is at least as important as the actual watching. Podcasts are the perfect format for such conversations. It becomes an extension of the moving content, creating an opportunity for the content provider, in this case Prime Video, to reach their consumers at multiple times other than just watching. We see this project as a starting point for a long and rewarding collaboration and already look forward to more seasons, says Hannah Widell, Head of Perfect Day Media.

Prime Video Talks by Alex&Sigge invites a wellknown guest each week to discuss a big TV series or movie and draw parallels to their own lives. The result is a personal podcast where listeners, together with the hosts, get to dive into firstclass entertainment.

In the premiere episode, we dive into the world of comedy with Daniel Hallberg, who is featured in Prime Video‘s first original series Toppen. The following nine episodes cover everything from the premieres of Prime Video‘s local offerings to deep dives into genres such as sports, crime, and humor.

The guest list includes wellknown names such as Henrik Bastin and Swedish stars such as Edvin Törnblom, Kodjo Akolor, Jonas Olsson, Amanda Schulman, and Emil Persson. Prime Video Talks by Alex&Sigge is released in ten episodes and premieres on all platforms on November 30th.

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